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1st July 7.00 PM

The Opening Ceremony of the Song and Dance Celebration and 1st performance of the Dance Celebration (ticket required)

2nd July 8.00 PM

2nd performance of the Dance Celebration (ticket required)

3rd July 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM

09:00 The Parade of the Song and Dance Celebration
13:00 The Song Celebration and the Closing Ceremony of the Song and Dance Celebration (ticket required)


  • 03.07.2011 July 2 and 3: The Celebration is in full swing!
    On the second day of the celebration the choirs rehearsed all day long so that on Sunday the voices would sound as one. During the evening performance the dancers were at their very best.
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  • 01.07.2011 1st July – Lovely and festive beginning of the celebrations
    Despite the rainy weather forecast the sun was shining all day long. Everything went according to plan and no great problems occurred.
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  • 30.06.2011 News from the Song Festival Grounds
    The stage is up, the sound is clear and the participants are getting ready- with only one day till the start of the Celebrations the grounds are looking more and more like a place which is going to be full of dancers and singers from all over Estonia and the wide world. the main rehearsal of the Dance Festival takes place already tomorrow morning.
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11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration

The wide world begins in a small land

We all experience the world through our own eyes. The big becomes big only when seen side by side with the small.

A small child’s perception of the world may be much wider than that of a grown-up. And a small nation can be big in the eyes of the world if it is great in spirit and mind.

The desire to see the big world takes us away from home until we understand that home is where the world begins. And when we realise that, we will return.

We will return because it is only here where the stories about our land and our people are born. The stories that will always be remembered, treasured and continued.

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