11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration


The wide world begins in a small land



1st July 7.00 PM

The Opening Ceremony of the Song and Dance Celebration and 1st performance of the Dance Celebration (ticket required)

2nd July 8.00 PM

2nd performance of the Dance Celebration (ticket required)

3rd July 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM

09:00    The Parade of the Song and Dance Celebration
13:00    The Song Celebration and the Closing Ceremony of the Song and Dance Celebration (ticket required)

Tickets are available here..

Tickets are available in various price ranges. Tickets are also sold at the gate, but only in cash! Tickets are available only for the concert that starts.

Inside the festival grounds (by the Oru gate) there is also a cash bus (ATM on the wheels), where people can take out money.

Ticket offices at Song and Dance Celebration Grounds are open:

Friday, July 1st from 2p.m
Saturday, July 2nd from 4 p.m
Sunday, July 3rd from 10 a.m

Public Access to Song and Dance Grounds:

July, 1st at 6 p.m
July, 2nd at 6.30 p.m
July, 3rd at 10 a.m


The story of the 11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration

The wide world begins in a small land

We all experience the world through our own eyes. The big becomes big only when seen side by side with the small.

A small child’s perception of the world may be much wider than that of a grown-up. And a small nation can be big in the eyes of the world if it is great in spirit and mind.

The desire to see the big world takes us away from home until we understand that home is where the world begins. And when we realise that, we will return.

We will return because it is only here where the stories about our land and our people are born. The stories that will always be remembered, treasured and continued.

About weekend 1-3 July 2011

The traditional components of the song and dance celebration – the opening and final ceremony, dance performances and the song celebration – take place in open air, in the territory of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. As the number of seats is limited, we recommend you to purchase tickets beforehand.

The public can follow the parade of the song and dance celebration from the beginning to the end (no ticket required). All song and dance celebration participants will walk from the centre of Tallinn to the Song Festival Grounds together in a joint parade. The parade is as important a tradition as the fire of the song and dance celebration which is lit in the lighthouse of the song festival grounds in the beginning of the celebration (take a look at the pictures here!).

XI Youth Song Celebration (3 July 2011) is almost a 6-hour long concert with different choirs and orchestras performing. The songs and music take the most powerful form when joint choirs start performing.

XI Youth Dance Celebration (1 and 2 July 2011) is almost a 2-hour dance performance with thousands of dancers’ and gymnasts’ groups on the dance ground. Together they form beautiful dance patterns and all in all perform more than 20 different dances and gymnastics’ programs.

The first dance performance starts with the joint opening ceremony of the XI Youth Song and Dance Festival. The joint choirs will stand on the song stage and the dancers will perform on the area in front of the stage. The lighting of the song and dance celebration fire forms an important part of the opening ceremony.

It is best to follow the dance performance from above as then the beautiful dance patterns will be better to follow. At the same time – sitting close to the performance, the viewers can see the beautiful national costumes that the dancers are wearing, and also the details of the dances.

About the tradition of Song and Dance Celebration in Estonia

The tradition of Estonian song and dance celebrations dates back to the year 1869. (More information about the history of song and dance celebrations is available here).

By now there have been 25 song celebrations, 18 dance celebrations and 10 youth song and dance celebrations (More information about it under the heading “The Story” here). The last song and dance celebration took place in 2009 and the next one will take place in 2014.

The last youth song and dance celebration was held in 2007. After the celebration in 2011 the next youth song and dance celebration will be held in 2017.

Welcome to take part in the 11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration, The wide world begins in a small land in Tallinn, the European Capital of Culture 2011!